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This is our suggestion box. We encourage you to provide your feedback and suggestions about our website, so that we can provide you a better experience. We would also like to know which movies you would like to have added to our online (Digital DVD Delivery) catalog .
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Online Movie Requests

Please tell us what movies you would like to see available online (in Digital DVD Delivery Format)
Cinflix, 10.07.2012, 04:38
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send back button on Q.

return button (button on your web site) for faster shipping to your customer. other wise your customer has to wait 1 week for the next Q. 3 days one way 3 days return + weekend no usps. Occationally your customer will find this helpfull when...
Response from the site administrator
Cinflix, 05.08.2012
We love the feedback and thank you for this..(please keep the feedback coming). However, on this suggestion we are not able to do this for a few reasons..

1. We are moving to an online rental where you can watch the discs immediately, thus no need for waiting for shipments. We feel that this is better for everyone,and even cheaper read why here:

2. This will cause a longer wait for some users because for at least a week or more a user will have double the number of discs in there plan.

3. We did this in the past when we shipped envelopes 2 at a time, unfortunately a large number of those were never returned. While we know the majority of our customers will return them, it would be a big loss if we were to loose several shipments of 18 discs each month.

If something comes up and you need additional time please contact us via livehelp or email and we can usually work with you
ray, 05.08.2012, 12:22
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please make The Love Eterne for online viewing

please make The Love Eterne for online viewing
David Pfister, 24.01.2013, 20:50
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Remove watch history

This is just like netflix where it's not possible to remove my 'watched history'. Why is this kept? Better yet, why don't I have the ability to remove my history? Should be like internet browser where I can remove history or watch via incognito.
Response from the site administrator
Cinflix, 27.11.2013
We have removed the watch list on the side of the player, we will not be able to remove the full history, because it is used for reporting, as we limit views to the number of copies we have on-hand. We do not use personal identifying information with this reporting, it is done by an account number, though we will consider the option of clearing your viewing history on the my account pages.
Jake, 13.08.2013, 12:42
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Do most of these movies have sub title?

Do most of these online movies have subtitle?
Response from the site administrator
Cinflix, 27.11.2013
Just about all titles (except Adult), Do have ENGLISH subs. You can now try is FREE for 10 Days
Richard, 04.03.2013, 10:19